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How to Make Your Home Marketable with a New Garage Door


Replace Your Old Garage Door With a New One!

Why settle for selling your home with a 15-year-old garage door? While repairs and maintenance might have kept it going all these years, upgrading to a newly installed garage door can instantly rejuvenate the façade of your home, giving it a fresh and modern look that feels like you’ve already moved! 

Installing a new garage door has the potential to transform the look of your house significantly. Choosing a full-service garage door company like Closing Master Garage Door for the installation can instantly enhance your home’s value.

If you’re considering ways to increase the marketability of your home, there’s no need to overextend or spend unnecessarily. A new garage door can address potential issues you may be experiencing with your current one, providing both aesthetic and functional improvements. 

Discover the top reasons why upgrading to a new garage door is a smart choice:

1. Enhanced Curb Appeal

Similar to how a fresh coat of paint can transform a room or the exterior of your house, replacing your old garage door with a new one instantly enhances your home’s curb appeal. By choosing a modern and sleek garage door, the transformation can be so significant that your neighbors might mistake it for an entirely new house. Such an upgrade not only adds a touch of luxury to your home but also appeals to potential buyers, making them view your property as move-in ready and high-end. 

When selling your home, attracting quality buyers becomes easier with an aesthetically pleasing garage door as it acts as the face of your home and significantly influences its overall appearance.

2. Better Energy Efficiency

When selling your home, having a newly installed garage door can lead to improved energy efficiency. Your heating and air conditioning systems won’t need to work as hard to maintain a comfortable indoor environment, resulting in lower energy bills. Moreover, the new garage door acts as a barrier against intruders and also keeps outdoor elements at bay, ensuring a more insulated and secure home environment.

3. Improve Security

New garage doors come equipped with advanced technology features, especially in the surveillance department, providing enhanced security for your home. 

Beyond the visible panels and windows on the outside, there are numerous mechanical parts that play a crucial role in the smooth operation of your garage door. These components work together to lift the door every time it cycles, ensuring its proper functioning.

It’s important to note that the garage door is often the heaviest door in a home, with its weight varying depending on the chosen building material. However, modern overhead doors are designed to be more secure than older models, significantly improving your home’s overall security. Investing in a secure and sturdy garage door offers a substantial boost to your home’s safety measures.


The Easiest Way to Make Your Home More Marketable is to Call Closing Master Garage Door!

There’s no question what a new garage door can do for a residential property. When you can see your garage door from the street, the door will pay for itself! 

Closing Master Garage Door can provide the new garage door replacement needed for the best and aesthetically improved garage door possible by our experts. We are located in NJ, and we cater to all of the surrounding areas for residential or commercial properties needing garage door repair or replacement.